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Posted: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 9:05 AM


So it's been a long, hard day...or week...or month...or life! ... Your back and your shoulders ache and you just want to lay down naked on a table and have someone rub their hands all over you, pampering and nurturing you until you feel completely relaxed and free from all of your burdens.

You want the table to be soft and comfortable, and the lighting to be low, with scented candles flickering in the corner. You want the music to be soft and soothing as the massage therapist rubs some oil between her hands to warm it before gently applying it to your thirsty skin.

You want to feel the friction of her hands on your shoulders and back, gently kneading and caressing your troubles away. You want to feel your shoulders and spine relax under her skilled touch. Just thinking about it makes you sigh from anticipation of the relief. Ahhhh.......

Long minutes pass as her hands glide luxuriously in all directions across your back, gently coaxing the knots from between your shoulder blades and lower back. You're really starting to relax and zone out into that blissful oblivion you were hoping for.

Your lower back seems to melt under the pressure of her caress as the muscles let go and you can feel the warmth of her hands sink into you. The first strokes over your buttocks are heavenly as her soft hands touch you like no one else can. As she massages and kneads the areas of your glutes you can feel even the tension you hold in your stomach begin to relax.

Your thighs are sensitive and you love to have them touched, especially when the touch is as skilled and as thorough as this incredible massage therapist's. Your hamstrings ache as she glides long, pressing strokes over them, pushing out all the built-up tension they have been holding for God only knows how long.

You didn't know that the backs of your knees even wanted to be touched until her warm hands rub over them, swirling in gentle circles that convince you to submit fully to her magnificent massage skills.

Your calves have been tight for so long that you don't even think about it anymore, and she instinctively lightens the pressure as she pulses and kneads the sensitive muscles and the areas of deep tension and soreness. Down your Achilles tendon to your heels, the massage strokes seem to erase the stress that has been held there.

Her hands are firm, slow and gentle on your aching feet, and the release of tension that you are beginning to exprience almost makes you giddy. Mmmmm.....

She asks you to turn over so that she can massage the front of your body, and you come back to reality for just a moment as you realize that you are laying nude on her table and you will be fully exposed when you turn over---and then you slowly do it, settling yourself face-up onto the comfortable table, feeling the cool air float over your warm naked body. You start to wonder if...wait, this is no time for thinking, this is time to go back into your blissful trance; so you stop all of your mental chatter and return to enjoying the feel of her hands on your skin.

She spreads the oil over your body once more and returns to massaging your aching feet -- slowly and methodically, relaxing the heel, the arch, the ball of the foot and then each toe, and even between each toe! This is heaven on earth! Your body responds with goosebumps as you lose yourself in the pleasure of her touch.

Her hands seem to be supernaturally blessed to find each and every achey spot in your ankles, calves and knees before she slowly moves up to your thighs.

You wonder if the excitement of having her so skillfully rub the tension out of your thighs is going to cause you to become excited. Her touch is so passionate that your body seems to respond with a will of it's own, but something about her soothing, nurturing demeanor lets you know that it's okay. It's just natural, so you let your worries go, falling even further under her spell of relaxation as she firmly yet gently strokes the muscles of your thighs over and over for long, blissful minutes before moving her angelic hands up to your stomach.

Touching so gently and so skillfully in such a sensitive area seems so personal and unique... but soon, deep relaxation settles over you and all your stress seems to slip away.

She massages your chest slowly and rhythmically and her warm hands are your only tie to reality now...everything is just pleasure and relaxation. Your breath is slow and steady as she works all the stress and tension out of your arms and had no idea that your hands could relax so much....

When she glides her hands up to your shoulders and under your neck and head you hope that this will go on forever -- the gentle kneading and circular strokes that are coaxing the tiny areas in your neck that hold untold amounts of chronic tension. The strokes have just the right pressure to relieve the tension you want to let go. She is now gently kneading into the tops of your needy, knotty shoulders. Blissful caresses coaxing your stress away.....Please let this go on all day... This is the most awesome thing ever!

Now...Are you ready for a great massage?

Let's face it...Life can get pretty stressful sometimes. Between work and family obligations you might occasionally be left wondering when is there time for your rest and relaxation.

If you need some "you-time", and your stiff muscles would love to relax under the warm caress of skilled hands, then you should give me a call! Helping you to relax, de-stress and feel better is my specialty.

I offer full-body, stress-relieving massage. I am conveniently located in Pinellas county.

I accept text messages Monday - Friday 9 am - 8 pm, and weekends 10 am - 4 pm.

A 1 hour full body sensual massage is only $120. Draping is optional. Longer sessions are available. Out calls are available at an extra charge. Men and women are welcome.

I make sure you get a great massage. I specialize in European style massage sessions, where you relax completely and get an effective massage.

Please text me at 727-456-8038 to schedule your appointment. Gift Certificates are available. Cash only.

• Location: Clearwater, FL, Tampa

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